Therapy Services
Psychotherapy involves a mutual commitment to work toward better understanding and resolution of the issues or problems in your, or your child's life.  The goal is for therapy to lead to positive change, which can ultimately lead to greater happiness and satisfaction, a lessening of stress, better ability to cope with problems, improved relationships, and deeper meaning and balance in your life.  I work with you collaboratively to set goals and progress towards making and sustaining the changes that you would like to see in your life.  
My therapeutic orientation is best described as “integrative,” drawing strongly on relational, solution-focused, feminist, dialectical-behavioral, and mindfulness therapy modalities, as well as others. This means that I use a broad array of evidence-based techniques in therapy, and prefer to look at your treatment in a holistic manner. You and I will discuss the proposed course of treatment that best suits your, or your child's needs. If appropriate, I may make changes as time goes on, and may also make referrals to other providers; your input into these decisions is crucial for the success of our work.  

My co-therapist Lilly (pictured below) is often present during sessions. For those who wish to interact with Lilly, Animal Assisted Therapy can provide additional healing through reducing feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Lilly can provide emotional and physical comfort for clients who are experiencing distress by relaxation through petting. A specialty of hers is working with hesitant children and adults with fear of dogs or dog bite phobia who may have had a negative experience in the past. For clients who do not wish to engage with Lilly, she remains in her bed during sessions.